The whys and wherefores of having kittens

Welcome to our blog – our first foray into the world of blogging and our first into the scary world of having a baby.

In a weird cosmic coincidence, the stars have aligned to mean that we – Elly and Cath, friends from school – are both pregnant, due within 11 days of each other in July 2013. Tinged with self-doubt that we cannot be old enough / wise enough / responsible enough / rich enough to bring another being into this world, we are trying to navigate the waters of first time pregnancy – overwhelmed by the choices that will face us over the next nine months, the changes to our lifestyle which we are experiencing and the changes to our bodies that are soon to come (not counting the current stage of looking like we’ve eaten too many pies). We don’t have all or really any of the answers. Everything about pregnancy is very much a personal choice, but we want to share our perspective on our sheer terror at having no idea what to do (don’t get me started on how we’re going to select a buggy…). We aim to be non-judgmental. There are hard decisions that some of us have to make during pregnancy and we want this to be a supportive community that values diversity of choice (even if you do decide to call your son “Baby” like 14 others were in 2011).

As we start up, it is likely to be our opinion and our stories that are posted but we are hoping that as we grow, you will want to share your opinions and your stories with us. This will be particularly appreciated around July / August when we have visions of us, baby in one arm, breast pump in the other, typing out blog posts using only our noses!


When I was planning our wedding, a lot of my inspiration and support came from the daily wisdom shared by a few wedding blogs, in particular: apracticalwedding and rockmywedding. When I found out I was pregnant, I tried to find equivalent oases of calm that provided a balance of information with practical opinions and personal experience, but I couldn’t find it (perhaps they are out there and you’ll tell me about them). So that is what we hope we’ll be able to do here, weave together the threads of information with opinions alongside some personal stories on the experience of pregnancy (and beyond!).


I’ve always been more of a cutting pictures out of a magazine type of person, so for me, exploring the world of blogs is almost (but not quite) as terrifying as venturing into parenthood. I’m not even on Facebook any more so this blog is a real leap of faith. But here goes! Being pregnant for the first time is incredibly exciting, but you can also feel sometimes that you are the only one going through it. Whatever stage you are at and whether you are a (potential) mama or papa, we hope that you’ll find our blog interesting or even entertaining. Even if you laugh at us and not with us, at least you are laughing!

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