The magic words

So… We had the scan. 20 weeks. And all was “developing well” – no anomalies, pretty much average on all measurements (sometimes a bit over, sometimes a bit under). Cooking nicely.

I knew it was a relief – I had been so worried about it beforehand, but was surprised I didn’t feel anything in particular at the news. Unlike the 12 week scan where seeing it alive, with four limbs and moving about – that felt like relief. Maybe it was because we were annoyed with the sonographer: she barely told us anything while doing the scans, point blank ignored Fred’s questions and then gave us the two worst photos from the collection that were also incidentally identical and said we couldn’t have another or we’d have to pay extra. So that was annoying. And she couldn’t commit on the sex (not that she gave us any indication during the scan on when she was checking that despite us specifically asking!) saying the baby was lying on its front with its legs crossed, so is probably female but she couldn’t be certain. Not very helpful, but I guess not entirely her fault.

What was amazing was how much you could see. The standard photos of scans really don’t show the incredible things you get to see (thanks to the random babies and sonographers who provided these to the internets!):

Each of the vertebrae in the spine:

Spine - 20 Week Scan - (c) The Daily Garnish

Spine – 20 Week Scan – (c) The Daily Garnish

All the ribs:

Ribs - 20 Week Scan - (c) Blissfully Burton

Ribs – 20 Week Scan – (c) Blissfully Burton

The four chambers of the heart:

Heart - 20 Week Scan - (c) The Fetal Medicine Centre

Heart – 20 Week Scan – (c) The Fetal Medicine Centre

And harder to show in pictorial form, the opening and closing of the mouth and of its little fists. That was quite incredible to see – a properly forming human being, with all the human being bits you’d expect, not just a blob any more.

Not that you can tell from the pictures she chose of ours (grumble, grumble, grumble) – so here “it” is, looking as blob like as the last scan:

20 week scan cropped
At least it’s taking after its mother in one sense – entirely unphotogenic!

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