Constant craving has always been

I don’t know if I would really call it a craving.  I haven’t woken in the middle of the night and sent Fred out on a mad rampage to bring these back for me on fear of death, but there are certainly some foods which I have developed a bizarre affinity for which definitely wasn’t there before.

It started with the Mini Babybels.  Oh yes, those delicious little round nodules of mild cheese were a new regular addition to the fridge. A little snack when I came in from work, making up for all the delicious unpasteurised cheeses which were now forbidden. And it has lots of calcium (and we’ll ignore the fat content).

mini babybel gumball

But in recent weeks, my slight preference for small balls of cheese has developed into a strong preference for the king of the fruit / vegetable divide – the tomato.

It started with cherry tomatoes, advanced to pomodorinos and then to the mother tomatoes, your large vine-ripened variety.


Poor Fred, producer of amazing scrambled eggs with grilled cherry tomatoes, when his back was turned I had snarfled half of his portions of delicious tomatoey goodness.  Now, I keep a bunch of them in the fridge, so that much like others might eat a banana or apple, I can indulge my desires by chomping into one when I get home (in a delicious tomato mini babybel combo). Maybe I’m just craving things that are red and round? It’ll be cherries next!

The internets tell me that tomatophagia will give me a lot of the natural antioxident lycopene that will stop me getting cancer, protect me from UV and reduce UTI symptoms.  They also tell me that a desire for tomatoes could suggest iron deficiency, not that the tomatoes will help with the iron deficiency, as won’t other food cravings linked to this like ice and crunchy foods like celery and carrots.  So I will have to up my steak intake, just in case…

At least it’s not all consuming and not for something crazy like coal, pickles, or for sponges as Davina McCall apparently experienced.  And the most common craving for pregnant women?  Chocolate. Who’d have thunk it?

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