Wedding belle

We have a few weddings coming up, and with them will come the inevitable dilemma of what to wear!

One wedding is this weekend, so I reckon I can still get away with a pre-pregnancy dress… I had my own personal fashion show a couple of weeks ago and there were two dresses that still fit (more on the second later), so assuming that is still the case then I’ll go for number one from East which is a bit like this:


I think the fact that it was a bit loose to begin with and that it is empire line has allowed it to survive the inflationary trajectory of certain parts of my body. I had anticipated the belly, but other assets are certainly giving that a run for its money – expanding faster and, a least at the moment it feels like to the same extent. The other dresses didn’t have a hope of reining everything in!

So weddings number two and three… Number two is in a month and a half’s time, the same week I hit the third trimester.

So what are my options?

Dress number one will have fallen by the wayside long before this, but there is one last hope in my existing wardrobe – the multiway maxi: maximultiway.jpg This is an amazing dress. You can create it in a multitude of ways and redo it throughout the evening if you get bored. And as long as the bridesmaids aren’t wearing blue, then I should be alright!

I am hopeful that due to its fully flexible straps (basically long swathes of material) and flowing material, it will accommodate the blimp and actually look ok – hiding all the bumps and lumps with swathes of material from the straps!

The only problem might be the strapless nature of the dress… I’m hoping these will work – just need to wait a bit before ordering as I have no idea what size I’ll be!
And what of the final wedding? That is currently planned for literally the weekend before my due date. But am I daunted? No!

Inspired by Cath’s sister-in-law who was getting it down on the dance floor at Cath’s wedding (in high heels no less!) despite being due three days later. She’s my hero. It has to be done!

So dress number two might cut it still and I am rather hoping it does because pregnancy formal wear ain’t cheap… Or one of my work dresses might still fit, or one of the maternity ones might just about be smart enough (the general preference for jersey material as the substrate to all maternity dresses tends to undermine this option somewhat).

If everything else fails, then I’ll just have to go and get me something like one of these pretty things:


Florence, Isabella Oliver, £199


Amelia, Tiffany Rose, £169

 And I guess it’ll be in good company with my wedding dress in the never worn twice category!

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