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I don’t know how to describe it really, it’s not like anything else I’ve experienced. When it first started it was definitely like bubbles popping, first small bubbles and later large bubbles that couldn’t be ignored any longer. But they don’t feel like bubbles any more, but equally they don’t feel like kicks or punches or someone stretching or rolling over or whatever the alien is up to down there. Sometimes they feel like my tummy is gulping or swallowing, but most of the time it’s just a really weird sensation.

The trouble is, it’s only me who gets to experience it. My friend MJ was trying some sneaky incursions on the belly to try and catch it in action last night, but the minute her hand made contact with belly – total stillness fell! And it’s not just MJ, the alien is equally difficult with Fred – despite having felt it for a good four weeks now, he has only felt it once from the outside (“there’s definitely something in there” was his conclusion).

Weeping Angel

Weeping angel, Doctor Who © BBC

It’s immensely frustrating. I want others to make contact. I want others to confirm they can feel it so I know I am not imagining it or worse – mistaking gas for kicking!

But it’s quite intermittent – at certain times it’s very active, a whole series of pummels generally when it’s most inconvenient like when I’m having an intense conversation with a client or really trying to concentrate on something. And generally mid morning… But this better not be a sign of things to come, two night people can surely not bring a morning person into the world. Not even as a genetic throwback, surely? That would be a disaster. I’m not bothered about not going to bed, subsisting on about 6 hours sleep most weeknights as I do normally, but mornings – they are for sleeping through, there is nothing good about the morning. The alien better agree…

I do get the odd punch in the evenings, but it’s harder to get someone else involved as they are so irregular – you just can’t tell when they are coming. And often when they do come, they are too low down on the belly to really get someone else involved without being on at least the third date.

So I guess I have to wait… Cook it a bit more till it’s big enough to be visible as well as touchable. And perhaps I should feel grateful for this period, at least it’s not pummelling me awake at night. If that happens, me and belly might have to have words!

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