Cot to trot

As a baby, I was put to bed in a drawer. Fortunately for Mr Cath and I, we have the space and means to invest in a slightly more social services-friendly option: a cot!

Cots are one of the things I didn’t think I was particularly fussy about. It’s a cot: what’s not to love? I should have learned from our own experience of taking six months to choose a bed for ourselves: as with beds, all cots are different, and there is a surprisingly wide range of styles, colours, sizes and features. For example:

small cot

A small compact cot like this one (£59.99) from Kiddicare


A larger sleigh style cot like this one (£300) from John Lewis

round cot

Or even a luxury round cot like this one (£1,895) from Custard & Crumble

There are various cot features such as a drop side and adjustable mattress height which are all in aid of making the parent’s life easier. You can also buy a cot that later turns into a “cot bed”, designed to last into the toddler years and beyond. This is ideal if you are planning to have only one child or two children far apart in age, but if you have a second baby you’ll just need to buy another cot (or a new bed for the older one) so I’m not sure about the practicality of this. We decided a cot or cot bed didn’t make much difference to us and we would just see what we found.

As it happened, we chose our own cot rather impulsively at the Baby Show. We’d perused many different models throughout the day and right at the end, as we were in Babies R Us about to purchase our buggy, we saw a cot bed there we liked and decided to go for it. Hopefully the end of day exhaustion and information overload didn’t cloud our judgement too much; the one we went for seems to tick all the boxes of things we wanted:

  • It is cream and wood coloured so looks a bit different;
  • It has a drop side;
  • The mattress height is adjustable;
  • It has a protective teething rail;
  • The size isn’t too big so it will fit in the nursery.

our cot

Our cot (£159.99) from Babies R Us

As yet, the cot is leaning against the wall in pieces – we need to make some space in the room before we can build it!

There are loads of cot accessories you can buy (of course), such as mobiles and cot bumpers (Note: cot bumpers are not recommended by the NHS). We bought a mattress and over the top cot changer along with the cot – I think the cot changer is a brilliant idea, as it means you don’t have to bend down too much or buy an entire changing station.

cot changer

Our cot changer, also from Babies R Us

The next stage is to choose some cute gender-neutral bedding. I’m sure even my drawer came with some kind of blanket inside!

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