Have your cake

Celebrations in anticipation of the imminent arrival are rare in the UK and hence so is the creation of a cake to herald in the new born.

A great supporter of cakes for any occasion, I was still astounded by the ingenuity and downright disturbing nature of some of these creations.

Starting off relatively innocuously, a positive pregnancy test cake – quite sweet really.


Along a similar vein, celebrating the conception, here we find a cake dedicated to the winning sperm. What I have unclear about is the rubber duckies – do these represent the sperm that lost out?


The following move onto the kicking phase of pregnancy, as elegantly portrayed by a little foot imprinted on the belly. The first can only be applauded for its use of shocking pink and zebra stripes, but is rather outclassed by the photo-realism of the second.



We then have a couple celebrating the mother. Who would think this is a good idea, I am not clear. The zombie-like look of the mother, combined with the fact that there is no disguising that you are asking all her friends and family to eat her…



And the birth itself – for those who wanted to know where babies came from, in graphic detail.


Saving the best till last. It is coming, ready or not, just so we’re clear on that.


And for those undisturbed by the above, there are the top two from this (not for the squemish), don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Anyone for seconds?

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