The book that launched 1,000 babies

A very special post today, to celebrate the official launch of my friend Ali’s book, Happy, Healthy Pregnancy (50 Things You Really Need to Know)
Ali is a midwife based in New York who has delivered over 400 babies and has her own almost two year old, so I am rather in awe of her pregnancy knowhow.

I am beyond excited that:
a) my copy will be delivered by Amazon storks tomorrow
b) someone I know has written and published a whole book (I feel like I am friends with JK Rowling)
c) the book is on pregnancy!
d) I might recognise some of the content from conversations I had with her while she was writing it last year (I’m pretty sure I was basically her muse for the whole thing…)
e) I get to tease her mercilessly for all the Americanisms she’s allowed through the net of the British version.

AND the first copy of her own book that she will see is mine because hers haven’t arrived yet. Will have to get her to sign it, like a proper fan girl.

So if you want a happy, healthy pregnancy then this is the book for you. If you’d prefer it unhappy or unhealthy then perhaps give it a miss…

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