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I recently read an article in Gurgle magazine entitled “25 amazing things about your pregnant body”. The most surprising thing about the piece was probably the numerous examples of things that under no circumstances could be considered amazing. Take these five, for instance:

  • Nasal swelling is increased;
  • Immunity is suppressed;
  • The first ten weeks feels like your period is about to start;
  • Lying on your back could make you feel faint;
  • Average first stage labour is 2.5 hours longer now than in the 1960s.

To me this reads like rattling off typical pregnancy symptoms (tick! tick! tick!) rather than a “wow, really?!” type of list. Maybe it’s supposed to make suffering pregnant women feel better about themselves, but my personal reaction is hmm, yes, can we move on now please?

The only truly amazing things that were mentioned, in the sense of the word “amazing” as a synonym for wonderful/astonishing/impressive, as I believe reflects the modern meaning, were the following:

  • Bones in the spine prevent toppling over;
  • A pregnant womb has fewer nerve receptors than a non-pregnant womb;
  • Delivery might suppress future period pains;
  • Breast milk varies depending on the time of day (strictly speaking, this is not even related to a pregnant body but a new mum’s body – however, it’s still pretty interesting).
  • Pregnancy reduces the risk of cancer.


These are a few of my favourite things

My number one favourite amazing thing was that apparently when pregnant women were shown clips of the Sound of Music, their babies waved their arms around. I always knew that film was magic! Must try that one out at some point…

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