Obsessed with sex

Before you all get over excited or run for the hills, you are not about to get an insight into Elly-Fred bedroom acrobatics during pregnancy. There are some things better left unsaid.

The sex I am referring to is the boy / girl side. And maybe it’s because I am bitter about the whole not finding out thing, but surely there is something else people can ask me? Seemingly not – the number one question from people on the street (who suddenly feel an urge to ask random questions to a stranger) is “do you know what sex it is?”.

“Well, no, I bloody well don’t!”. team pink blue

When moaning about this at the weekend, Anna had no sympathy for me whatsoever. What else do I expect them to ask me? If we add “When are you due?”, then those two questions probably sum up the grand total of imaginative pregnancy related questions in people’s memory banks. Then Gwilym, Anna’s partner, went a step further in undermining my happy wallowing state by suggesting that if I didn’t like it, I should think something better up myself. What do pregnant women want to be asked about?

So, taking up the gauntlet, I thought I would jot down a few questions that might spice up a pregnancy-related chat. And if unlikely to rock their world, at least it will save them from another battle of the sexes conversation. And if you have any good ‘uns – add them to the comments!

  • How are you finding maternity fashion?
  • Has it sunk in yet?
  • What does it feel like when it kicks?
  • Have you had much morning sickness?
  • When do you finish work?
  • Have the food restrictions been a pain?
  • Is pregnancy what you expected?
  • Are you having a babymoon?
  • Have you had any weird reactions / comments from friends or strangers?
  • Are you thinking home birth, midwife centre or hospital for the delivery?
  • What’s the highlight and lowlight of pregnancy for you?
  • What has been the biggest change for you since becoming pregnant?
  • How are you coping with all the baby talk?
  • Have you found any bargains for the baby?
  • Are people asking you a lot of annoying questions now you are pregnant?

Just steer away from the likes of: “whose the daddy?” or “was it an accident?”, and you’ll do fine!

One thought on “Obsessed with sex

  1. MUM of 3

    -Are your older kids excited? Do they know? What do they say? (So at least you steer the conversation away from your pregnancy)

    One that I HATE is:
    -Oh my! How do you plan to manage it all…2 kids, a baby, a full time job with traveling and taking care of your (eastern) wifely/daughter-in-lawey kind of duties!!
    Uhhh…. thanks for reminding me of the challenges ahead… your question is exactly the push I needed towards pre-natal depression.


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