No one puts baby in the corner

So this weekend was the third of the four weddings we are hoping to attend while pregnant (the final one is two days before my due date so that might be interesting – although at this moment I fully intend to attend, after all I don’t want to miss the penguins!).

For those following my pregnancy fashionista advice, I was in a rush to get ready (so I could get to the church early and hand pump the organ while Fred practiced, as you do), so I opted for the same dress as last time. I think it worked although it does accentuate the bump, so there was an increase in the ever helpful “you look like you are about to pop”, “you’re huge”, “ten more weeks? Really?” commentary, which I could have done without.

Rob & Jo’s wedding was a fabulous affair in a country house in Somerset and the weather could not have been better for it – stunning sunny days that really accentuated the house, the gardens and the amazing views.

They had booked out the venue for the night, and located in the middle of nowhere the party went on into the night (I was very proud that I made it to 2am after a number of our non-pregnant friends had bailed). So much dancing was to be had…

Dancing is meant to be a good form of exercise for pregnancy and it had the added bonus of being fun (unlike going to the gym). I started off relatively sedately, bopping along with variations on the bus stop. The highlight of the first set was when Ade decided to expose his dancing prowess and proceeded to engage in a complicated twisting and turning salsaesque dance routine involving him, me and his girlfriend, Catherine. This was extremely impressive given his ability to get us to duck and dive around each other without collision, especially given my extra load which I myself find hard to manoeuvre without bashing something and yet he was managing to co-ordinate three of us on a crowded dance floor!

I then spent a significant amount of time sitting down. I discovered another benefit of being obviously pregnant is that people bring you stuff – drinks, food, you name it – you don’t have to queue for anything, you can just sit back and relax. Genius. But after a good dose of wedding cake, my energy levels returned and I was back at it.

At this point it seemed a good idea to ignore the fact I’m almost seven months pregnant and go mental. Cue much bouncing (not generally recommended for those in their second and third trimester), head banging (not generally commented on) and general moshing. My stamina isn’t what it was and my sides were hurting a bit, so I could only manage a couple of songs at that intensity, but I continued bopping away till the band finished. It rocked.

That was until 6am when my customary loo dash was required, at that point my body was less pleased with my dancing antics letting out screams of pain from all the muscles that unaccustomed to use had been forced into action against their will and with a substantial increase in weight to lift. Perhaps I should have warmed up first…

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