Don’t push the button

I think my belly button might be on the way out.

This is traumatic as I like my belly button – it’s nice and neat and perfectly innie. But the alien is stretching it to oblivion and it canna’ take much more captain – it feels like it’s about to pop.


It seems that your expanding uterus can push your abdomen forward, causing your beautiful innie belly button to pop out “like the timer on a well-cooked turkey”, as What To Expect aptly describe it.

Some women never experience it, but for those who do it tends to be in the second or third trimester, often after 20 weeks. However, horror of horrors, for some women it happens as early as 12 weeks. Imagine!

Once out, it’s not very subtle, so some women choose to put a bit of tape or plaster over it to hide it under their clothes (so it doesn’t quite look like E.T. is trying to escape your navel).

The good news is that, in the majority of cases, your outie pops back in again within a few months of delivery. But much like the rest of your body, things might never be the same again, as it may still look rather stretched even when it has returned to its normal position.

Until it pops out, I will simply add it to the list of dreaded bodily changes I am monitoring for – keeping it company with stretch marks and varicose veins.

At two months to go, it’s my skin vs these scary pregnancy afflictions.

Come on skin, you can do it!

Do this for me and we’ll forget all about the incident of the off-centre linea nigra. Deal?


A perfectly aligned linea nigra…

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