Buggy vs Stairs

I tried to persuade Anna and Jessie this weekend that I could do without a buggy when the alien first pops out and that a wrap would work perfectly well. They weren’t convinced – I would want a buggy for shopping with; for going to the park with and playing frisbee (obvious post-maternity behaviour); so I could pop the baby down while out for coffee or lunch; so I know what car seat to get with the right adapters for the buggy; so I don’t have to go buggy shopping with a screaming infant. All valid points unfortunately.

My reticence on the buggy front is that we don’t know which to get and like all big investments, I feel paralysed by the possibility of making the wrong choice. The big problem for us is that I am going to have to face this mountain every time I enter the flat, and both the baby and the buggy are going to have to somehow get up it:

The lightest weight models on the market are the sub-15kg buggies and there aren’t that many of them about, and the ones that are tend to be expensive.


Uppababy Cruz
Sitting at the luxury end of the spectrum, the Uppababy Cruz:


  • 9.9kg when set up as a stroller
  • Can be pushed one-handed
  • Good storage
  • Reversible seat
  • Compatible with a number of car seats
  • Top rated best buy by Which? (which will get it brownie points with my Mum)
  • Cons
    Some people have reported issues with kids not being able to get comfortable in it and with parts breaking.

    Best Buggy was generally positive about its lightness, adjustable height, storage and ease of use, but was less keen on its bulkiness when folded and seeming lack of suspension resulting in a “hard ride”.

    Pushchair: £400
    Carrycot: £135
    Total: £535

    So highly rated but almost £200 more expensive than the others…

    Alternatively, the Cruz’s older brother, the Vista comes out as £630 at 11.5kg (or 12.7kg with the carrycot) but with a carrycot that can be slept overnight in (useful as a Moses basket substitute). Another plus point for the Vista is that Maria has one, and really I should give up on making decisions myself about baby stuff and should just do what Maria does – she’s much more organised about researching this stuff! But it’s even more expensive and 12.7kg is pretty heavy. Sigh.

    Micralite Super-lite

    Now this is a super cool looking buggy! It looks much more F1 than the McLarens do to me and so light that it could just float up the stairs.


  • It ain’t lying when it says it’s super-light, coming in at 6.2kg (the carrycot at 4kg is rather more bulky)
  • Excellent manoeuverability
  • Easy to stow
  • Good suspension
  • Compatible with Maxi-Cosi Pebble & Cabriofix carseats
  • Looks pretty darn cool

  • Cons

    As you might expect from something this light, issues are reported with it tipping back and you can’t balance anything on the handlebars so shopping trips would be limited to what will fit in the basket at the bottom.

    Also the seat is only front facing, so you’d miss out on that face to face bonding time with your bubba once it’s out of the carrycot.

    And people moan about the sunshade…

    Pushchair: £200
    Carrycot: £165
    Total: £365

    Britax B-Agile 3

  • One-handed fold
  • Collapses to a good size for fitting in a car boot
  • Good-size shopping basket
  • Inbuilt and large storage pocket in the back of the hood
  • Expandable hood providing good protection from sun and rain
  • Compatible with Britax Baby-Safe carseats which can be isofix or belted

  • Cons

    Is it just me or is it rather boring looking? It’s exclusively available via Mothercare in the UK and only in black.

    There are some downsides we might also want to consider, such as the seat might be too deep for infants so the seat edge might dig into their legs and the handlebars might be a bit low for Fred at 6ft1″ so some test driving would definitely be in order.

    And again, it’s only front facing so once we’ve dispensed with the carry cot, the alien will have to cope with looking at the outside world rather than my beautiful face.

    Pushchair: £230
    Carrycot: £130
    Total: £360

    Babystyle Oyster
    We first encountered this at The Baby Show and liked it a lot there (having got the poor harrassed sales woman to erect and collapse about a hundred buggies).


  • 10.5kg as a stroller, 10.75kg with the carrycot instead
  • Easy to collapse (although not one-handed)
  • Wheels can be detached – making it easier to store in the car
  • Cool colour sets that you can swap out easily if you get bored
  • Compatible with a number of car seats
  • Cons
    Apparently it can be quite bulky when you actually try and fit it in a car, even with the detachable wheels – this might be a problem with my little Yaris.

    Customer reviews complain about the chassis tipping, it being bumpy on rough surfaces, wheels getting flats easily or buckling and the adaptors for the car seat being tricky.

    Pushchair: £265
    Carrycot: £98
    Total: £363


    And these are the ones I have rejected – mostly for spurious reasons, but hey I’m pregnant, I am allowed to make emotional decisions!

    Bugaboo Bee – rejected because everyone in West London seems to have a Bugaboo and I’m a free-thinking individual who can’t be doing with something everyone else has. And don’t get me started on the limited edition Andy Warhol prints…

    Cossato Giggle – loves its retro tree design on lime, but too many people complaining online about it breaking and it only works with a Cossato Giggle carseat which is seatbelt only.

    iCandy Strawberry – felt a bit too cool for school. Felt a bit style over substance for me.

    Mamas & Papas Sola – customer reviews online complain about quality issues, especially with the wheels and backrest.


    Um… The Cruz seems to be the best, but at £200 more than the others I’m baulking at the price. The Britax might work, I just have to get over how boring it looks. I think I need some more test drives…

    3 thoughts on “Buggy vs Stairs

    1. Katie @mummydaddyme

      I wrote a review on the Agile 3 http://www.mummydaddyandmemakesthree.co.uk/index.php/item/britax-agile-3-pushchair-review and I actually really love it. We sold our Quinny Buzz and now have the Agile 3 and the Agile Double as well. They are great, light, easy to put up and down and we can fit both the double and the single in our boot together.

      They may not be the most exciting looking pushchair in the world but second baby on and I go for quality rather than looks now! x

      PS thanks for the comment on my blog.

    2. Joanne

      Have a look at the Baby Jogger City GT or Elite – they are currently top of our list, mainly due to the weight and foldability. Both stocked by John Lewis.

      1. Elly

        Good call!

        I think the Elite might be a bit heavy, but the City GT looks like a possibility. I had dismissed it because Which? said it didn’t work with a carrycot, but this doesn’t seem to be true and it seems to get excellet reviews. Although there is some concern online that the compact carrycot is too narrow and hence can be outgrown quickly, and that the deluxe alternative is a bit bulky, but the compact plus might fix that and there are also suggestions that other brands’ carrycots might work with it, so will look into that too once I’ve found one to test drive.

        Thanks for the suggestion!


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