A black and white view

Lately I’ve been reading up on the best way to stimulate your baby. Apart from all the things like talking and singing, as well as physical stimulation, there is also the visual side of their development to consider. Until they are a few months old, when their vision has expanded further, babies get particularly excited by toys that are high-contrast or brightly patterned. The ultimate sight you can present to your baby is black and white (with perhaps a bit of red thrown in).

The website Genius Babies (yes) claims that “these high-contrast colours will captivate and hold baby’s attention, encouraging visual development as well as physical activity – like wiggling, kicking, and arm waving.” Babycentre agrees that black, white and red are perfect for baby stimulation, but adds that mirrors, pictures of faces and patterns and colour in general are also good.


Peaches Geldof’s baby Astala enjoying his black and white mobile from Social Baby

So where does that leave our own mini genius in the making? Unfortunately, at the moment, most baby things we’re bought or acquired seem to be indulging our love of neutrals and/or pastels. Our lovely greige buggy/car seat, for example, has matching greige hanging toys. While they are very cute, there’s not much point if the baby can’t see them properly! And even our sweet elephant comforter is cream-coloured.

A plan of action is needed! Fortunately, there are lots of options out there. For example, John Lewis sell this black and white playmat…

b&w playmat

Mothercare stock a baby book published by Usborne that is black and white AND of faces…

b&w book

… And Lamaze have a wide range of black and white baby toys and accessories, including this cute panda rattle:

b&w rattle

I can’t imagine a newborn baby is capable of actually experiencing boredom – everything they do and see is completely new, which is almost impossible to imagine – but we don’t want them to be under-stimulated either.

Especially as they are clearly a future Nobel prize winner…!

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