It’s raining, it’s pouring…

A typical bank holiday weekend then.

[Update: except it isn’t! It was on Friday when I wrote this, but now it’s sunny! Woohoo!]

But as much as I would love to discuss the weather, this is more about “the old man is snoring” aspect of the nursery rhyme. You see I have developed an affliction, apparently I now snore.

I would like to think that Fred’s recent spates of foreign business trips are due to critical business opportunities that can only be closed by racking up the frequent flyer miles, but I think an added bonus for him is escaping the snoring so he can get a good night’s sleep. It may seem extreme to go to Toronto or Rio to escape your wife’s snoring, but you have to understand that Fred really doesn’t like other people snoring. And I don’t like the middle of the night fights that result from me being woken up (as if I am not being woken up enough at night by calls of nature!) and being accused of snoring. Especially as there doesn’t seem to be much I can do about it – rolling over doesn’t help, and as much as I try changing my breathing it doesn’t always hold.

According to babycenter snoring commonly becomes a problem in the third trimester with 50% of women experiencing either occasional or regular snoring.

The potential causes of snoring in late pregnancy include:

  • Swollen nasal passages – brought on by our good friend oestrogen making the mucus membranes swell, or the increased blood flow due to pregnancy making the nasal passages smell
  • Increased mucus – oestrogen, again, can increase your mucus production (lovely)
  • Congestion – due to colds or allergies
  • Weight gain – resulting in extra tissue in your throat (that charming quadruple chin) that can impede your breathing
  • Sleep apnea – the most serious of causes, where your airway gets blocked and you stop breathing, and the “snoring” is more snorting or gasping for air to get you breathing again.
  • Can anything be done?

    Changing position or elevating your head with extra pillows might work.

    Nasal strips are another option, these apply gentle pressure to your nose to keep the passageways open.

    Or a humidifier just before bed. (Or go all Sleepless in Seattle and have it on all night!).


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