Destination mummymoon

I first read about the concept of a mummymoon in Gurgle magazine, and immediately liked the idea. I was keen on gathering all my female family and friends together before the birth but was unsure how to go about this without the structure of a baby shower, which didn’t appeal. A mummymoon, the article explained, is like a babymoon but you spend it with your female friends and/or family rather than your partner. The theme can be whatever you want it to be; one suggestion was getting all your female friends over for a manicure. The emphasis is more on the social aspect rather than the gathering of gifts for the baby. I visualised something that was a bit like a combination of the two hen dos I’d had prior to our wedding (a weekend with friends in Brighton and an afternoon tea at Claridge’s with family). I wanted the afternoon tea, but a pot-luck version round my house; I wanted the silly games and gossip, but no alcohol and definitely no strippers!

In the event, my mummymoon was lots of fun – delicious cakes and other afternoon tea delights were plentiful, and people really stepped up on the games front. There was even an actual baby there!


The first activity was “name the baby”. Everyone brought baby photos of themselves and we then guessed who was who. My mum and aunt were the only obvious ones (being in black and white) although my own photo was black and white too! It was fun trying to spot everyone, even though I did abysmally – I only recognised my own family. And my sister in law brought along one of Mr Cath which confused people for a while as it was quite clearly a (very cute) baby boy!

We then went on to a baby features game, where firstly I had to write down whether I wanted the baby’s hair, eyes, nose, mouth, ears and chin to resemble myself or Mr Cath. Everyone else then guessed what I’d put. As I confirmed each feature, my “ideal” baby was created before my eyes using pre-prepared cut out photos of our faces! The result was hilarious, if rather alarming.

The other games were guess the name of the baby animal and match the celebrity parents with their babies’ names. Lots of ideas for our baby’s own name… not! And who knew that a baby raccoon is called a kit? Mummymoons are educational too!


A straw poll revealed Team Pink and Team Blue are roughly even…

Finally, we had a sweepstake for the baby’s birth date and weight. I’m in charge of the money pot so must make sure I don’t spend it on mocktails before then!

We also had baby-themed Articulate! which unfortunately we didn’t have time to play – the afternoon really flew by. Will have to save it for the next mummymoon…

favoursPink and blue party favours

All in all it was just what the doctor ordered. Wish I could say the same for the evening which followed: watching Eurovision. The company was good; what was happening on the television, not so much (apart from Romania and Iceland). At least our baby enjoyed it – I guess it is a bit too young to have developed any music taste yet…

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  1. Katie @mummydaddyme

    That sounds like good fun- i didn’t do anything like that although I went on a babymoon before my first little girl was a born and a weekend away just the three of us before my second little girl was born.


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