Shape shifting

I know that a pregnant woman’s bump gets progressively bigger, but it didn’t occur to me until recently that maternity clothes might not be “one size fits all”, no matter what stage you are at.

At this point, apart from underwear, I can no longer wear anything non-maternity – even the baggiest of tunics are too stretched, and my largest leggings cut in at an uncomfortable point. So far, so predictable. What I was certainly not expecting was to have grown out of actual maternity clothing!

Sadly, my beloved Mothercare¬†jeans I previously rhapsodised about have now become too tight. It’s fine if I’m wearing them mostly whilst on my feet, but during a car journey recently I had to roll them down to my thighs as they were properly squeezing me – not a good feeling when you’ve got a wriggly baby in your tummy!

The silver lining is that my Gap jeans I was originally not too sure about have really come into their own. Although they are supposed to be three quarter length, I discovered that by rolling them down I can just about get away with them as full length jeans. Yes, they are slightly ankle swinging, but hopefully with the enormous bump out in front nobody notices! The best thing about these jeans, apart from having cost ¬£10, is the stretchy nude coloured bump band attached. Although it is highly unattractive, it doesn’t matter as it’s invisible under whatever top I’m wearing and it is sooo comfortable now that I actually have a proper bump.

Gap jeans

My legs are slightly shorter than the model’s

Also, my Gap skirt fits perfectly now, having been too big back in Spring. Turns out all it needed was a bit of a belly to occupy it. Looking back now, I may have been a bit overkeen to stock up on maternity clothes when I didn’t really need them yet – but in my defense, it was the January sales!

I’ve realised one of my main requirements now is something to support my bump – whether that is via the band on my jeans, maternity leggings that come up to just below my bra, or a bump band. I have invested in one bump band but am yet to try it out. Previously, I found the feeling of something around my belly too constricting – although this was clearly all in my head, it felt almost as though the baby’s growth was being restricted somehow. Hence the under the bump jeans were perfect for a few months.

bump bands

Bump bands from New Look

I guess all this extra weight is finally catching up on me (exact figure: still unknown!) and I’m feeling like I need something to “cradle” the bump. Without anything in place, it feels dangerously unsupported and like it is going to sag – rather like not wearing a bra.

Speaking of which – must get fitted for nursing bras soon!

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