Heigh ho, heigh ho, it’s off from work I go

The countdown to my departure has started. I keep reminding people on my project that they are at T-x days to my departure (currently 6) and that this might not be the best time to get me involved in new things – especially if they want any of the old things actually finished before I go!
I am feeling a significant amount of angst about leaving. Will anyone keep a handle on what’s really going on? Will anyone be an anal as me about checking for errors? Who will challenge them when they say something is “complete” and really it isn’t? Who will stand up for us to say how it really was when someone comes up with an outlandish comment about what should have been done? (Generally we are expected to understand what is needed by some form of telepathy it seems).

So these last weeks are going to be intense to try and get things progressed in order to leave them in a reasonable state (or vaguely reasonable at least).

I’ve had some late nights at work recently and I’m sure they will continue, so suddenly going on maternity leave is going to be a bit of a shock. To wake up on a midweek morning and have no specific plan is going to be extremely strange. I am sure there will be plenty to do (get the baby a cardboard box to sleep in, fashion a buggy out of twigs, procrastinate about packing my hospital bag) so I will probably be busy, but it will still be strange to not be constantly juggling my work to do list with my baby one, or thinking through a tricky work conundrum. (In my dreams my two main concerns are getting merged, so I wake up to find I have been dreaming about data mapping my buggy research – which doesn’t even make sense!).

I suspect the period of calm will be short lived as once the alien (who has two heads and a peg leg as far as I can make out from the shape in my bump) makes an appearance I imagine I will be busy with baby angst and trying to get some sleep somewhere between milking sessions.

People ask me if I will miss it, and honestly I don’t know. There are some aspects of work I love and think I will miss when my only conversation partner can’t actually talk (at least the cat miaows back when I speak to her) – like the intellectual challenge of working out how something should work or what could go wrong and what you do about it. But there are things I won’t miss – like constantly badgering people to finish things, or having to correct their work for the thousandth time, or totally unreasonable requests to do something in a day that should be given a week.

So who knows – in a few months time I might be pining to return to work. Luckily if I am I just need to provide 8 weeks’ notice and I can be back in the saddle.

But what if I don’t? I can’t imagine it now – but maybe I’ll go all Martha Stewart and embrace the job of housewife.

What a petrifying thought!

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