Pack it up, pack it in

Every day since our arrival home, I have said, “tomorrow we will go out”, but each time another day passes where Elphaba’s world has been constrained to our flat. Both myself and Fred have been out alone (otherwise cabin fever would likely have set in), but we have left her at home with the other or on one occasion, where I went to pick up Fred from Sainsbury’s, in the petrified arms of Julia! On Thursday, I had had enough and despite the rain, took her on a stroll round the local park (nothing like the weirdos who hang around parks in the rain at 8.30pm to introduce her to the world).

But the park was easy, three minutes walk from the flat meant we could easily beat a hasty retreat if she got hungry, needed changing etc. The real challenge awaits us – a trip to the high street to engage in cosmopolitan activities like coffee (probably decaf), lunch or a spot of shopping or a trip to someone else’s flat to enhance her real estate knowledge. Such an adventure requires supplies – but there’s the tricky part, what does one need for such a mini adventure?

A Ride

If your parents are too disorganised to have procured you a pimped-up buggy then a sling is the way forward for the baby about town. In my defence, I had bought a sling – a Baby Bjorn Active – but you can’t use one of these until the baby is 8lbs, so doesn’t work so well for your premature market!

Not wanting to wait up to five days for one to be delivered via the internets, Fred was sent to procure one from our local JoJo Maman Bebe, and hence the Caboo Carrier was selected as the ride of choice – a material sling with some structure provided by the cross-over back and pouch.
Brown was not necessarily the colour I would select, but a girl gotta have a ride…

Da Bag

A girl’s gotta have a smokin’ changing bag when hanging about town. I had been hankering after a Cath Kidston one but baulking at the £75 price tag. Luckily seeing the negative reviews gave me the excuse I needed to fall out of lust with it and go with the similar (and much cheaper) Annie Harrington changing bag which I like to think is a nice feminine shade of blue…

Nappy Valley

Clue is in the name – changing bag – paraphernalia is required for dealing with poonamis on the go:

  • Half a dozen nappies (adjust amount for time out and about)
  • Same number of nappy bags
  • Wipes
  • Changing mat
  • Hand gel

As she gets older, a small pot of cream to protect her behind from nappy rash wouldn’t go amiss.


A girl gotta have a change of clothes with her in case there is an invitation to an exciting social function requiring a dazzling new outfit (or she poos all over her current one).

So babygro and vest should be at the ready (perhaps two depending on the length of outing).

Depending on the weather, other items to consider would be a cardigan and warm hat if cold, or a sun hat if hot.


A supporting cast is required for breastfeeding or bottle feeding, including:

  • A couple of bibs
  • Muslins (two small, one large)
  • Breastfeeding scarf (if you aren’t using the large muslin for this)
  • In my case, nipple shields.

Emergency food – having a bottle of expressed breast milk and/or a pre-prepared formula bottle will provide peace of mind if there is a baby meltdown at an inconvenient time or the idea of breasts becomes temporarily abhorrent to her.

If breastfeeding or solely bottle feeding then extra appendages may be required such as nipple cream, breast pump, formula, sterilised bottles etc.

Baby Momma’s Stash

As the changing bag is now effectively your handbag, you’ll want to include some of the detritus from that, including essentials like:

  • Keys (house and car)
  • Phone
  • Purse
  • Oyster card

And other miscellaneous items like maternity pads, make-up, spare top (if your baby is sick a lot), a bottle of water.

With all that you should be fit to hit the town! As she gets older extras like toys might start creeping in, that is, if they will fit…

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