Pick a card, any card

I have never been good about the whole card thing – I can do Christmas cards and mostly remember birthday cards, but the other plethora of cards for weddings, new homes, thank yous, new babies etc. – I am rubbish at. The thank you cards for our wedding were only just about done by our first anniversary!

So when it comes to the topic of birth announcement cards, they are a nice idea and I loved the ones we’ve received in the past, but can I summon up the organisational willpower to produce them before it gets too ridiculous (i.e. before her 5th birthday)?

Only time will tell. But in the meantime here are some of my favourite designs from the internetz for your viewing pleasure.

With thanks to the following for their artistry: snapfish, vistaprint, Little One Prints, simplytoimpress, Paper Shaker, Coco Cards.








And I always love the stuff on Paperless Post, so that’s worth a gander too!

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