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With Elphie’s first trip abroad imminent, my anxiety is increasing about how she will cope with the change of scene. Will she scream the villa down, putting our friends off kids for life? Will she refuse to sleep? Will we want to leave the villa or will we just spend a week passed out by the pool (in the shade of course!)?

One of the first quandaries is where she should sleep. We can’t exactly pack up the moses basket and stand for easy air transportation – the basket is hardly collapsible! So following extensive internet research, here are my top contenders for Elphie’s first bed abroad.

The Favourite – the LittleLife Arc 2

Drawn to this by the positive reviews on Mumsnet, this little tent with top and side access had me from hello.
I like the fact it can be used as a normal cot (accessed from the top) and as a wind breaker with access from the side that could be popped by the pool or on the beach and used till she outgrew it in a few years’ time. You can get a sunshade as an added extra so it keeps the sun off the top of it when using it outside. Little Wool Maus has even used it as a playpen! And at 2.25kg, even I should manage to keep her within her baggage allowance (well this is a lie as I never manage to pack within the limit first time – I see many attempts to juggle clothing between bags in my future – I have even resorted to wearing clothes in the past to lessen my baggage weight!).

All in all, it looks cool and is multi-purpose so I am hoping it will do the trick. We went and had a look at one at GO Outdoors – someone told us it was erected within a tent, so I felt pretty stupid when I asked where it was and the guy pointed right behind me to where it was standing outside a tent! Sigh.

Anyway, we popped her in it and waited for an explosion of horror. None came, she just wriggled around contentedly on her back inside it. Compared to the moses basket, she looked lost at sea in the mass of space around her, but I guess I should get used to that as the cotbed will be arriving soon!

The main gripe from the internetz about this is that the mattress is too thin, but that can be rectified with some towels under it and is probably necessary to maintain the low weight, so have given it the benefit of the doubt on this one.

RRP £100 and an additional £15 for the sunshade.

The others under consideration?

Minted – BabyBjörn Travel Cot Light

Gets amazing reviews on the internetz and at 5kg it is light for a full-on travel cot, but heavier than my inefficient packing will allow.

RRP £200 (but currently £150 on Amazon)

Skinted – Red Kite Sleeptight Travel Cot

Much cheaper at less than £40 but that bit heavier at 8.7kg.

For the Little Ones – Koo-Di Bubble

I love this pop-up bassinet and at £50 and less than 2.2kgs it is reasonably priced. The internetz complain about the mattress on this one too though and only suitable while your baby isn’t mobile.

Something Different – CocoonaBaby
If you want something to use permanently at home and for travelling then this innovative baby bed gets excellent reviews and is less than 1kg. At £150 and only useable for the first 4 months, it is probably only economical if being used as a moses basket and travel cot, and if you don’t have a curious cat stalking the baby.

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