Feeding top frenzy

Nearly two months on and although more than a bit of weight lingers (I finally got weighed for the first time since Christmas at my six week check up…let’s not go there) my top half at least can now fit into a few of my roomier pre-pregnancy clothes. I’ve even started putting away the items that are most blatantly maternity, such as anything with ruching up the sides.

Although I want to hold off from a proper spending spree until I shrink some more – with a bit of luck this will coincide with the January sales – I need something to tide me over in the meantime that actually fits. However, my first hopeful look round the charity shops (with Pip fast asleep in the sling) has made me realise that there is little point buying anything at the moment unless I can get easy access to Pip’s food supply!

I’m hoping to breastfeed for at least a few more months. Certainly at the moment, this involves baring half my chest while attempting to maintain some sort of modesty. At home it’s fine as I can just walk around in a nursing bra (and I do have to wear a bra: a recent development is the rather alarming “water pistol” effect). In this weather it’s fine too as I can get away with pulling down one shoulder of a sleeveless top – just need to remember to pull back up! If I’m wearing a cardigan I can slip it off then put it back on again prior to feeding. All fine.


I’m sorted for bras, but what I want, what I really, really want is some more clothes specifically designed for breastfeeding. I’ve been rotating a few nursing tops purchased in late pregnancy, mostly from Mothercare and Jojo Maman Bebe. These are great, but I’m on the hunt for more options that I can start to layer up as the colder weather approaches.

Here are the results of my initial research:


Mothercare are now stocking longer-sleeved things such as this pair of tops (£22 for both = bargain!):

nursing tops1

Vertbaudet also have a selection of pretty options such as this white top (£27):

nursing top2
Slightly more exciting

This indulges my love of polka dots although the ruching puts me off (Debenhams, £18):

nursing top3
Mamas and Papas also has a spotty option (£24):

nursing top4
Cosy up

If you ignore the bump, this could be good for autumn (Mamas & Papas, £30):

nursing top5

Or the most sensible way seems to be try and layer up with cardigans you already own!


I think these JoJo Maman Bebe wrap dresses are lovely but the unflattering length for non-model-sized people concerns me – I suppose I could get it taken up but I’d never be bothered so it would end up unworn. So, for tall people (£39):

nursing dress1

I’d probably rather invest in this one from Mamas & Papas (£40):

nursing dress2

And I like this a lot but am not sure I could pull it off (Mamas & Papas, £40):

nursing dress3

What next?

So, slim pickings really on the nursing clothes department, at least from the high street brands that I know and trust! Any further suggestions are welcome. There’s also the non-specifically nursing wraparound/button down option which I have vaguely explored, although buttons are a risk at the moment as they have a tendency to pop off (buttoned dress + train + you can guess what happened = embarrassing!)

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