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Now I’ve passed my six week check and have finally been officially discharged after a lingering infection (best not to ask), I’m keen to start getting active again. It turns out I gained a lot more weight than I thought during pregnancy – I shouldn’t have listened to all those people who told me I looked “well” as in reality they meant “lardy”! No idea of the exact figure, but considering Pip’s weight and my huge placenta I expect it was around three stone. Ah well – je ne regrette rien – I enjoyed every cupcake!

Now for the reality check though of potentially not being able to fit into any of my old clothes. I haven’t attempted jeans yet (although pleasingly, a maternity pair I bought late on in pregnancy that were too tight at the time now fit perfectly, with the added bonus of a nice tummy-flattening belly band). Along with the scales, they are staying in the loft for now as I figure what I don’t know can’t hurt me! Before trying to squeeze into anything or for that matter buying much of anything new, I want to clock up some proper exercise. My doctor told me to stick to gentle activities, then went on to say I should listen to my body. My body is telling me to strap on running shoes and sprint, so I feel a happy medium is needed. With gym workouts ruled out for now, I’m going to have to get creative, especially as with a baby in tow things become somewhat more complicated!

If all else fails, I can just gaze lovingly at my feet: one small but significant positive is that after suffering from enormous cankles in late pregnancy, that whole area has never looked more svelte! In the meantime… here are my plans for how to apply myself this autumn:


I have signed up for an NCT-run class called “Relax and Stretch with Baby“. As far as I can tell, this will involve learning baby massage while incorporating Pilates for the Mums. My doctor wholeheartedly approves of Pilates so even though I’ve never tried it before it seems like a good place to start. We’ll see how it goes… there will be music and singing involved which could go either way (fun and uplifting or rather embarrassing)! Hopefully it will be better than my pregnancy yoga experience at least.



Just trundling our heavyweight buggy around certainly feels like it’s already good exercise, but if like me you like a bit more structure in your life, you can attend Buggyfit. This “ultimate fitness class for mums and babies” has been going for ten years now and takes place all over the country. It includes a brisk walk/run and group exercises (see below for an example!) There is a twice weekly class local to me but the 9:30am start time puts me off as at the moment we struggle to leave the house before 2:30pm.



I’m on the waiting list for Water Babies (yes, I did say waiting list) so hopefully by Christmas Pip and I can take to the pool. This is probably much better exercise for him than me but I’m sure that just being in the vicinity will make me feel like I’ve done something. Plus, the swimming pool is a 15 minute walk away so that’s half an hour’s exercise right there!


Davina McCall DVD

Although sadly neglected while I was pregnant, I need to remember that this DVD also has a postnatal section. A huge advantage of exercising at home is that it doesn’t matter what the weather is like, and if Pip needs feeding halfway through I can just press pause and get on with it, without worrying that I’m missing out on any of a class. The NHS also provides a link to other home exercise ideas along with general advice on postnatal fitness.

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