Dressed to impress

Our baby was a surprise, and despite calling the bump “he” throughout my pregnancy we honestly didn’t mind whether it was a boy or girl in there. However, part of me longed for a little girl in order to indulge all my dressing up fantasies – at last, an excuse to play with miniature frilly pink frocks and butterfly accessories without people thinking I was weird!

Alas, it was not to be, so for the time being I have to content myself with kitting out Elphie and my other friends’ little girls (my four friends due around the same time ALL had girls! Lucky Pip). It may be old-fashioned to say so but I love the pink and blue thing…it also fulfils a very important function at this stage of life which is indicating to people what gender the baby is! To date, Pip has never been mistaken for a girl. Not that we would mind if one day Pip chooses to wear pink dresses…that would be fine too. It’s entirely for his parents’ benefit!


We’ve been really lucky in terms of boy clothes: as well as being given some gorgeous outfits as gifts, Pip is benefiting from the excellent sartorial taste of his three male cousins (or should I say, my sisters in law) with lots of lovely hand me downs. We’ve hardly bought anything yet beyond a few sets of onesies. Just as well, as at 2 months old, Pip is already growing out of some of his 0-3 months clothing. It depends on the brand: some 0-3 outfits are up to 14.5kg whereas others are only 13kg. The length varies too so it’s always worth checking the measurements!

Nevertheless, I’ve been enjoying checking out little boys’ clothes and seeing what is out there – if I find myself in Debenham’s (which is slightly less frequently these days) I love to have a wander around the kids section. It has actually turned out to be really fun dressing a boy so far, when the weather has allowed for anything more than a vest of course. Cute dungarees! Mini jeans! Adorable button down shirts so he looks like a pint-sized version of Daddy!

Here is my pick of the sweetest baby boy outfits out there (please note that I’m not saying girls can’t wear these…see I’m TRYING to be politically correct!)

JoJo Maman Bebe






Mamas & Papas


Take that, tutus and fairy wings!

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