Breastfeeding Mongolian style

Sometimes there’s a story which just has to be shared. This story of a Western woman who went to Mongolia and breastfed her son there and the remarkable differences between their culture and Western ones when it comes to breastfeeding is one of those.

Highlights for me were:

  • The idea that breastfeeding is used as a solution to everything
  • The image of the grandparents (both!) getting their boobs out to distract an unruly toddler
  • Breastfeeding openly on the street
  • The older children could still suckle after they were fully weaned (and milk was no longer being produced) without public disapproval
  • That all members of the family would drink spare milk
  • I can distinctly remember when I was little and my Mum was explaining what breastfeeding was, that I asked if I could do it – should she have said yes??

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