Figure it out

The NHS run an Infant Feeding Survey every five years; the last one was from 2010 published in 2012 and found the following:

  • Prior to birth, 75% of mothers want to breastfeed
  • At birth, 81% breastfed at least once
  • At one week, 69% are breastfeeding at all, 46% exclusively
  • At six weeks, 55% are breastfeeding, but there has been a big drop with only 23% doing so exclusively
  • At six months, 34% are breastfeeding but only 1% exclusively (despite Health Organisations’ recommendations to exclusively breastfeed until six months).
  • Why are so many women who wanted to breastfeed falling by the wayside?

    Bah! I want to do something about this – to let them keep the faith even when it’s hard; to investigate problems and not take “you’re fine” for an answer; to feel free to do it whenever and wherever they choose; to reach out to all those who have gone before them and ask for help and for us to help them.

    Who knew a year ago that I would be so passionate about this?!

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