I second that emotion

Thanks to Hester, the font of all interesting baby-related things, for calling our attention to the following video of a baby getting clearly emotional as her mother sings a sad song. I have never seen anything quite like this: a baby weeping almost silently, her little nose getting pink, the expression in her eyes absolutely heartbreaking. Then when the song ends she is all smiles again!

Part of me finds this a bit cruel – I’m not sure I could witness (let alone video) Pip going through this without attempting to comfort him. But then this release of emotion doesn’t necessarily equal sadness; crying can be caused by many other reasons too, including overwhelming happiness. I just didn’t think babies were generally as sophisticated as that with their reactions, although maybe by the time they are ten months old like the baby in the video this is the case.

I wish we could see the mother’s face as perhaps the expression on it is causing her baby to cry, rather than the singing itself.

Anyway, see what you think!

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