You’ve been framed!

Following on from my post about placentophagy, I recently came across this article courtesy of the Daily Mail app. I read it at night and in the morning thought maybe I’d dreamed it all. But no: apparently the new thing is to make a photo frame out of your placenta “bits” following birth!

After chatting with her midwife housemate at university and realising that many placentas are just chucked out, sustainable design graduate Amanda Cotton has cornered a rather neglected gap in the market by harvesting “the entire placenta to make a frame, first boiling it and then grinding it into small pieces before placing it into a mould with resin.” The idea is that you can then put an image of your little darling – maybe the scan photo – in the frame, and keep it forever and ever.


While, like placentophagy, my initial reaction is to recoil (especially when you look at the thing up close in the pictures accompanying the article), on reflection it does seem like it could be an interesting idea. Amanda makes the valid point that parents keep their baby’s first teeth and hair clippings, and this isn’t a million miles away, although there is the question about internal/external bits to consider! She also says the umbilical cord is often preserved, although I don’t know anyone who did that and we certainly weren’t given the option at Pip’s birth – while we were actually asked a couple of times whether we wanted to keep the placenta.

No prices are given but I imagine such an item would be pretty expensive. Not to mention a bit awkward to explain away if it’s sitting on your mantelpiece! Or could it be a gift for someone? The in laws perhaps?!

One to mentally file away for next time!

4 thoughts on “You’ve been framed!

    1. Elly

      That’s such a great idea but so few hospitals seem to be doing it.

      Not one for wanting to eat it or turn it into a picture frame myself, I would be more than happy to donate it – seems far more sensible than simply burning it.


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