The milky way

Now we have embarked on this weaning lark, I am suddenly becoming a bit more cautious about the foods I buy and am pondering the benefits of organic food all of a sudden and checking ingredient lists and contents for cyanide, sugar and other undesirables I am suddenly paranoid are being slipped into our foods.

Amongst the many conflicting guidelines provided on weaning (how can something that has been done for centuries be so controversial?!), the introduction of cow’s milk is a point of contention. As far as I can work out and supported by the Baby-led Weaning book, from six months cow’s milk can be introduced as a food but allergic reactions should be watched for (and if there are known allergies in the family don’t introduce it) and it shouldn’t be given as a drink until the baby is a year old as it could dull the appetite for breastmilk or formula. But what type of cow’s milk?

I generally drink semi-skimmed milk, believing it to be a bit healthier than full fat and tasting better than both full fat or skimmed. But Elphie should really have full fat milk, so what do I do?

Well interestingly according to this article that you should all read by one of my favourite bloggers, the Analytical Armadillo, we’ve got it all wrong – the healthiest option is the full fat version and that actually high fat foods are not what causes us to be fat, carbohydrates are the culprits.

So my decision not to buy a pot of clotted cream to have with our scones for tea on Sunday was foolhardy – should have just had the clotted cream and done without the scones! And all my years of skinny lattes were completely pointless.

I guess it’s the blue top from now on! Now to find some organically fed wagyu cows to provide me with that milk…

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