Everybody knows new mothers are exhibitionists

This video came to my attention just before a furore broke out in the breastfeeding community about a review on Tripadvisor complaining about a pub whose landlady had objected to a mother breastfeeding in their restaurant area and whose landlord had responded to the complaint by saying:

“The Greyfriar restaurant area was almost empty that day, so there were corner tables available, which afford considerable privacy, away from the bar area. Despite this, this party had chosen to sit at the restaurant table nearest to the bar. Moreover, the lady had also chosen to face the bar customers when feeding her child, rather than feeding with her back to them. To cap it all, the purpose made top which is designed to cover everything was, literally, covering nothing. This is why my wife spoke to the lady – she was displaying her entire breast to everyone in the bar, in circumstances where it was entirely avoidable. We have the full cross-section of people visiting The Greyfriar and I’m afraid many are offended by this type of display.”

It really hits home how bizarre our society is about breasts – whipping them out to feed a baby, not ok; showing them on page 3 of a national newspaper, perfectly fine! Facebook is notorious for banning people who post pictures of themselves breastfeeding as obscene images because you might just see a nipple. And there really people out there who view a picture of a breast with a baby attached as pornographic as Facebook only blocks these photos when someone reports them.

Now I will admit that in the past I might have been a bit surprised if I had seen a woman displaying her full breast while nursing in public and probably would have averted my eyes (product of this culture that I was). Now whenever I see anyone nursing in public with their boob on display, I want to give them a badge in honour of their bravery!

Thank heavens for whatever lobbying group did get the breastfeeding clause into the Equality Act so objections like the one above are clearly against the law. Even with this, we still have a long way to go before our society realises that breasts really aren’t just for titillation


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