Breastfeeding: a winning goal – for life!

This phrase heralds Worldwide Breastfeeding Week alongside lots of celebrities demonstrating you can mix nursing with a model / pop singer / movie actress lifestyle.

My favourite has to be this one of Gisele being coifed while one year old Vivian nurses contentedly in her lap. (Have I posted this before? I feel I have…)

This picture would only apply to Elphie if she was asleep, at any point before that the stylists and manicurists would have to dodge the flailing arms and legs that accompany a nursing session, alongside the occasional “pop your head and / or entire body up to find out exactly what’s going on”. But maybe that is because I haven’t got Elphie used to the idea of me being coifed by an army of beauticians, and hence she doesn’t realise that the five minutes of hairbrushing, occasional misadventure in make-up and attacks on my nails with her baby nail clippers, should each be accompanied by her peacefully breastfeeding in my lap as opposed to using these opportunities to “stroke” (read whack) the cat or eat her food and/or litter. Must rectify this immediately with army of stylists…

Was that the message the World Alliance for Breastfeeding Action were after?

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