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An alien in Stockport

OK, it’s London not Stockport but Stockport rhymes with New York better so suck it up! (See how American I am – I talk about diapers and strollers too).

Celine has pointed me to an interesting series, mostly about Americans bringing up kids in foreign countries including the UK and another about foreigners bringing up their kids in America.

It was an interesting perspective and made me think about how careful I should be to not do down what Elphie is doing just because we have a culture of understatement.

So just so we are clear, Elphie is a genius musical prodigy heading for Olympic Gold. Obvs.

UPDATE: Pondering more on this post, it struck me that the comments from Matt Taylor’s family on him landing a probe on a comet were particularly British: don’t feel bad that you haven’t landed a probe on a comet, he can’t park in Sainsbury’s – at least you can do that!


Our first guest post!

Hi. I’m Rebecca, and I’ve been invited by Cath and Elly to write a guest post for the blog. I hope you won’t consider me an impostor. You see, I understand that ‘Having Kittens’ is all about being a parent and the highs and lows and ‘aargh, which choice do I make’ moments that come with that honour. Elly and Cath have both shared their experiences from the early dilemmas of pregnancy, to first birthdays and beyond. They have loved their sprogs since the pink line appeared, and have cooed over each little milestone. I’m going to tell you about a different route into parenthood, from a different angle. You see, I’m what they call a ‘prospective parent’ – in other words, I’m not actually a parent at all. There’s no pink line, no scan picture, no cute photo of a child pulling a silly face, and no anecdotes to share yet. But I hope one day there will be – some of those things at least.

I’m preparing to be a parent. I’m preparing to adopt.

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