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Red red wine, stay close to me

Ah the heady days before baby, when I could have a few large glasses of wine after work, share a bottle with a meal or finish the night with a wee dram or two; a sudden withdrawal from alcohol was always going to raise suspicions of pregnancy in those around me.

Luckily while pregnant, I just went off the stuff. From occasionally actually craving a glass of wine, I went to not being bothered by it – I would have a sip of Fred’s tipple just so I knew what I was missing, but that was enough. I was paranoid that Elphie would be born with fetal alcohol syndrome as a consequence of the extra drinks I had at Charles and Laura’s wedding following a negative pregnancy test that I mistakenly thought had put me in the clear. Fetal alcohol syndrome has a number of nasty growth and mental retardation symptoms alongside facial abnormalities like the below courtesy of an article by Warren, Hewitt & Thomas. There is speculation that Jade Goody and George W Bush shared these facial characteristics but I’ll leave you to play Dr Google on that one.

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Extreme pregnancy

Keeping on the royal theme, Zara Phillips, who has now been ousted from fourteenth in line to the throne to fifteenth, announced she was three months pregnant recently.
As an eventing equestrian who won Olympic Silver last year, Zara has a job that requires a bit more effort than my leisurely walk to the office did. Initially she said she was planning to continue participating in horse trials but a week later she announced she was quitting seemingly in response to the controversy her decision had generated.
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