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Sling when you’re winning

The babywearing obsession rather came about by accident – I had always intended to use a carrier with Elphie and had purchased the ubiquitous BabyBjörn (more about which later) and had marvelled so much at Alex’s tricks with a piece of cloth with Evan that she had promised me my very own woven wrap almost identical to hers in every way (I couldn’t help it – she had chosen the best wrap designs) and I fully intended to watch youtube videos and occasionally use it. My theory was that slings and wraps would be very useful for long walks and travelling when lugging around a buggy would be too much hassle and while Elphie was too small for an umbrella stroller. For everyday I reckoned I would mix it up and use the buggy as much if not more than the carriers.

When Elphie arrived rather unexpectedly our plans fell into disarray – we had the Björn but she couldn’t use it because it was only suitable from 8lbs; the woven wrap was on its way but only in time for the expected due date not a month beforehand; and as for the buggy – I was still making my final decision, so that was not an option either (buggy choices not being top of my priority list when faced rather early with a newborn baby). So Fred was sent out on a mission to our local high street to find any sling that Elphie was allowed to use so that we could actually leave the house with her in something other than the carseat. And back he came with a Caboo (I will explain what this is later) and the slippery slope to babywearing fanatics had begun.


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