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Potty training from birth

I am sorry, I know I am supposed to be writing about parenting philosophies, and I am, I promise, but this was just too good not to blog about.

Natural Infant Hygiene (NIH) recommends potty training before the age of six months. I kid you not!

The Buckinghamshire Real Nappy Initiative has told me all about it in this booklet and Baby Center is in on it too.

It is based on the idea that animals do not like to soil themselves and generally don’t, and that babies feel the same and regularly tell us in the first few months that they have soiled themselves but we don’t listen and so they give up on telling us and get used to going while wearing something.

NIH teaches a baby cues that can then be used to encourage them to urinate or defecate on demand in a potty or even a loo!

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