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Tiny dancers

While we resolve our technical issues chez Cath – laptop cable went kaput and it’s of a vintage where the battery alone is not an option – here is a video to entertain you in the absence of a proper post. I will tell you all about night weaning as soon as I can, I promise!

New Year’s Resolutions


Happy 2014, may the year prove fruitful, merry and bright!

To ring in the New Year a bit late, Cath and I have made a resolution to give this ‘ere blog a bit more love as there is lots we want to share with you, we just struggle to find the time now that we aren’t nursing 4-5 hours a day!

So our resolution is to post something every Monday from now on – that will give you something awesome to start the week with (especially if we post about placentas again).

So join us dear reader as we venture into the world of weaning, baby-proofing, toddling and maybe we’ll get a word out of them before the year is up!

Spooky baby

So Hallowe’en is coming up and I know it’s not a very British thing but trotting around neighbours’ houses begging for sweets appeals to the community spirited part of me and if I had a more appropriately aged child to do it with then I would totes be out there “helping” gather the treats (with a suitable tax to help them understand the way income tax operates).

But if you ever do fancy heading out trick or treating with your baby or indeed if you haven’t got your outfit sorted for this year and can borrow a baby, then here are some ideas for Hallowe’en babywearing!


Photo credit: Wrap Your Baby



Photo credit: MomaWraps




Still not sated? Check out this Pinterest pinboard for more ideas!


Because I wasn’t feeling depressed enough about how little I manage to get done around the flat, Julia & Hester have directed me to this lady, Queenie Liao, who has made an alartistic wonderland around her napping child.

I’m happy if I manage to do the laundry while she’s napping. I used to be such an overachiever, where did it all go wrong?

Having kittens

Demonstrating that my mother in-law has psychic powers, given I don’t think I have ever mentioned this blog to her; she bought Elphie a placemat back from France for when she is older with the following apt design:
Fabulous, no?


I am starting to wonder if the universe is trying to tell us something. This time the power cable had come loose and cat sitters are not the best at resolving such technical issues.

But worry not – we are back.

And Mr Murdoch, if I find out you have snuck into our flat and been loosening power cables there will be hell to pay!